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Businesses small and large face an unpredented pace of change, they need to better grasp the way their Information System investments could enable strategy execution. These challenges demand deep insight into the ever accelerating computing technology innovations, in order to unleash new opportunities. For businesses looking for an empowering journey, those that are not satisfied with a status quo, Mimozar brings the expertise to help move your initiatives forward.

At the outset, the problem may look simple, even familiar. However, ever closer examination, just like in peeling the layers of an onion, increasingly reveal the underlying complexities. The crasftmanship applied in uncovering complexity and turning challenges into opportunities, is part of the what makes Mimozar a valuable asset for any company large or small. Particulaly, smaller businesses will benefit from large scale problem solving expertise and attitude.

This web site is not concerned about overwhelming the visitor with industry jargons and buzzwords. Instead, this web site tells you exactly about what you will benefit from engaging Mimozar.


Assist in aligning information system initiatives with business imperatives.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is utilised to enable Information Systems Transformation Management. The approach draws on value management techniques, makes effective use of Business Information Modelling techniues, and designing scalable and secure solution architectures. Organisation enablement is an integral part of the journey.

When a system is made up of several moving parts, the parts must move in harmony in order to preserve the system's integrity. With information systems, rarely does one component move without impacting many others. It is essential to understand the interactions between the parts, in order to positvely effect change.

Mimozar employs such insights to help businesses achieve positive outcomes in their endeavours.

Agile Solution Delivery

The industry commonly pit traditional project practices against agile methodologies. Many are not really able to tell the proper differences between various methodologies. Fewer still can actually tell if they are getting value from their delivery practice. So you practice Agile? Really? Can you actually tell if you're doing it right? Are you getting the expected outcomes?

Mimozar has expertise in effectively implementing application lifecycle management. Businesses benefit from years of honed effective habits, leading to positive outcomes. Mimozar isn't about following any book, Mimozar is about helping you practically write your own book.

Technology Proficiency

For some, software engineering is about esoteric activities that is the preserve of a few. For others it's a discipline that focuses on the tools and techniques to the detriment of the actual user experience. For Mimozar, Software engineering is about making technology work for and by the people.

Throughout the years, Mimozar helped build scalable solutions with the most widely used technology platforms: enterprise Java, Microsoft Windows, Unix. The specific set of technology that Mimozar can help with includes: Java EE, Scala, Clojure, Ruby, C#, HTML5. Native Mobile Solutions: Apple iOS (Objective-C) Platforms: Oracle, Microsoft, ATG Commerce B2B & B2C Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS, Google Apps Ms Windows, Linux, Unix (IBM, Sun), Mac OSX Open source: web, front-end, back-end, mobile Continuous Delivery toolkits, infrastructure automation.

About Mimozar

Mimozar is brought to you by Isaka Traore, proficient enterprise architect and accomplished software engineer. Exceptional insights into People-Process-Tools. Process master. Long & sustained track record: delivering empowering ICT solutions since 1991. Successful track record in four countries and several continents.

Mimozar can contribute to all stages of an information systems transformation initiative.


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